Crops Production

Agricultural cooperative PD Popudinské Močidľany manages 996.40 ha of arable land. The nature of our plant production corresponds to the production environment in which we operate.

Crops form more than 50% of the plants we grow. Apart from that we grow rapeseed and grain maize. Fodder – maize silage and alfalfa – is grown for internal use.

Main activities include initial soil preparation, sowing of seeds, plant selection, treatment during vegetation process, harvesting and post-harvesting works and soil cultivation.

Livestock Production

In livestock we specialize in Limousine beef cattle breeding and foddering.

On average, the herd consists normally of 90 dairy cows, 55 calves under 6 months of age, 65 heifers, 65 heads of fodder beef cattle and 1 breeding bull. The cattle are kept in free-stall barns with well bedded flooring and a free range access in summer season.